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    Fruit Fly Be prepared

    Tue. 8 August, 2017
    9:30am - 12:30pm
    Lilydale Lakeside Campus
    Jarlo Drive, Lilydale
    • Queensland Fruit Fly is now widespread in northern Victoria and is threatening Yarra Valley fruit production. The Fruit Fly – Be prepared MasterClass is a forum for growers and businesses in the Yarra Valley to hear first-hand from industry experts, scientists and a grower's perspective. Learn what damage Queensland Fruit Fly can cause and what your business and your community can do to prepare.

      Come to our live lecture and Q&A session in Lilydale hosted by the Biosecurity Centre of Excellence and be part of the action or attend the event remotely delivered via webinar.

      To attend in person:

      To register to participate in person follow the link below. Registrations to attend in person close on Monday August 7.
      Please note: this is a live event and will be recorded for future educational and promotional use. By attending, you agree to your involvement in this.

      To register for the webinar:

      To register to participate via the webinar follow the link below. Registrations close on Wednesday August 2. Closer to the time we will email you with the link to access the webinar.

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