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    Mindfulness, Meaning and Resilience

    Wed. 9 August, 2017
    1:00pm - 3:00pm
    Lilydale Lakeside Campus
    Jarlo Drive, Lilydale
    • In this MasterClass Dr Margaret Ross will guide participants through an experiential session in mindfulness interventions to facilitate their understanding of how they ascribe meaning to their work and everyday lives, and how mindfulness may promote personal resilience.

      About Margaret Ross
      Dr Margaret Ross is the lead psychologist at St.Vincent's Psychosocial Cancer Care and Palliative Care unit, where she treats patients, families and provides regular debriefing and staff support to the medical staff and treating teams. She has worked as a senior therapist in both inpatient and outpatient mental health units, and holds a particular focus on using mindfulness interventions to treat mental health issues, cope with chronic illness, cancer and end of life care.

      To attend in person:
      Simply come to the venue ten minutes before the event starting time.

      Please note: this is a live event and will be recorded for future educational and promotional use. By attending, you agree to your involvement in this.

      To register for the webinar:
      To register to participate via the webinar follow the link below. Registrations close on Friday August 4. Closer to the time we will email you with the link to access the webinar.

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