The following refund information applies to international students enrolled in either TAFE level or higher education (degree level) courses.

Students must officially withdraw via submission of the relevant Course Exit or Unit Withdrawal form.

Tuition fees

Tuition fee refunds for international students are calculated by the Box Hill Institute International Student Office and are subject to specific refund clauses. To find out more about refund information for international students, call the International Students Office on +61 3 9286 9425 or email

Service and amenity fees

International students who officially withdraw in writing (via submission of a Course Exit or Unit Withdrawal form) within four weeks after the official start of the course (not units or subjects) will be eligible for a service and amenity fee refund.

Materials fees

Course teaching materials fees and retained course items fees for international students may be refunded at the discretion of the relevant teaching centre at any time during the enrolled calendar year, until 1 December, upon official withdrawal via submission of a Course Exit or Unit Withdrawal form.

  • The refund depends on time elapsed and materials already purchased, supplied or utilised at the time of withdrawal.