Undergraduate courses that emphasise the practical

Our undergraduate courses focus on developing the practical skills that you’ll need for a career. While many universities deliver undergraduate courses with a strong theoretical focus, our aim is for you to emerge ready and confident to take on or advance your profession. In other words, while you’re completing your degree at BHI, you’ll be developing the skills that employers are looking for.

In fact, many of our undergraduate courses are aligned to career paths that have been defined by industry sectors we work with. So the courses are relevant and industry-specific.

Find the undergraduate course that will take you to the next stage of your education.

I/IHE = International
HE = Local

Higher Education Graduate Attributes

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Global Citizenship
  • Information Literacy
  • Application & Inquiry
  • Ethical, Social & Professional Understanding
  • Communication
  • Personal & Intellectual Autonomy


Box Hill, City, Lilydale
Box Hill, City, Lilydale

Associate Degree

Diploma (Higher Ed)