Vivienne King
Vivienne King

Box Hill Institute has a proud tradition of delivering high quality education, training and lifelong learning.

When you study with us, you immerse yourself in a learning environment designed to provide you with the best possible opportunities to establish your future career.

Our facilities are created in partnership with industry leaders, so you can learn in a setting as close to the real world as possible. You’ll work with our industry partners, gaining valuable hands-on experience, and you can broaden your horizons even further by participating in one of our many overseas projects.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to sharpen your skills, Box Hill Institute can help you to unearth or pursue your passion. By completing one of our qualifications, whether it’s an apprenticeship or a higher education degree, you’ll be ready for meaningful employment.

Our staff are passionate about supporting you to do your best. They want to help you get the most from yourself during your time with us. We want to you leave Box Hill Institute with confidence, empowered to tackle the next phase of your life.

Every year, thousands of students choose Box Hill Institute because of our collaborative and creative approach to education. We’re trusted by over 40,000 students from across the globe who want to prepare themselves for a rewarding future. I hope you too find yourself drawn to one of our courses, and embark on an inspiring and enriching journey of discovery.


Vivienne King

Box Hill Institute and CAE