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Kashif Bouns, Advanced Diploma of Accounting

fos-business-it-profileA chance meeting between sporting enthusiast Kashif Bouns and a group of Australians at a cricket match in Kuwait led to Kashif being awarded the Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence in the Community Services category in 2011. Born in Pakistan, Kashif completed his High School education in Kuwait and had also lived in Saudi Arabia and Dubai when the shared passion for cricket by his new Australian friends persuaded him that Melbourne was the ideal city to further his education.

He chose to study at Box Hill because of the recommendation of other expatriate friends, the relatively affordable fees, the ability to transfer to a Degree course and the reputation for a friendlier and more personal experience than a large university would offer. Kashif is grateful for the orientation program run by the International Student Services Office which he believes helped him to acclimatise to living in Australia.

His previous position as the Multicultural Development Officer with the Essendon Football Club involved administering several programs specifically targeting the inclusion of International Students and migrants. Kashif has recently been promoted to a new role as Multicultural Programs Coordinator at AFL Victoria.

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