Ekrem-AlpogutBachelor of Commerce (Applied)

University didn’t suit Ekram.

In his third year of the Bachelor of Commerce at Box Hill Institute, Ekram says that he chose the Institute as his place of study due to its reputation, smaller class sizes and flexibility.

Ekrem initially completed the Associate Degree in Commerce, moved to a University to complete the Bachelor Degree, but found the difference in the level of assistance and interest from lecturers unacceptable and returned to Box Hill to complete the final subjects in his degree.

“I was accepted into a university, but I didn’t like the large lecture theatre environment, where there are hundreds of students and only one lecturer. So, I swapped over to Box Hill Institute where the class sizes are much, much smaller.”

“The other thing I like about Box Hill Institute is how flexible the teachers are in regards to the class times. All the students in my class, including myself, are working, so rather than running classes during the day, the teacher soon realised it didn’t fit in with everyone’s schedule so we negotiated the best evening class time to enable everyone to attend, and also keep their jobs, some classes even run on a Saturday.”

Ekram initially completed the Associate Degree in Commerce, returning to complete another year of study to attain the Bachelor Degree. Currently working in the security field while studying, Ekram says fitting in both work and study is challenging but worth it. “It’s only for a short time, and then my dream is to work as an accountant in a large accountancy firm, like KPMG or Price Waterhouse”.