Games developers design, create and produce computer or video games. They work in games development teams with artists, programmers, producers and marketing staff. Games developers usually specialise in a particular game platform (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo) and a particular aspect of game development (e.g. programming artificial intelligence, gameplay).

Game developers may perform the following tasks:

  • Draw up detailed design documentation including charts and diagrams that outline the various concepts and components involved
  • Modify and document the program code to correct errors
  • Test the game and make amendments to enhance its capabilities
  • Prepare digital graphics, animations, sound, video, photographs and images for editing
  • Combine structural, mechanical and artistic elements into the game’s environment, such as buildings, vehicles and decorative finishes.

Specialisation is common in the industry, although games developers on occasion perform a combination of the following roles:

  • Animators
  • Technical Artist/3D Artist
  • Producer/Director
  • Digital Video Sound Editor
  • Quality Assurance Analyst/Tester
  • Programmer

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