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Today’s society recognises the importance of staying fit and healthy to provide us with a better quality of life and to alleviate the strain being placed on healthcare services. If you want to be part of the increased focus on health and the maintenance of a healthier society while making a real difference to other people’s lives, then a career in sports and fitness could be for you.

Box Hill Institute offers a number of courses designed to give you a detailed understanding of the sport and fitness industry. With a huge range of career opportunities ranging from sports administration and management to personal training, fitness instruction and coaching, an administration, one of our sport and fitness courses will get your career on track.

As a graduate, you will be well qualified for employment in a variety of sport, fitness and recreation industries. You may also choose to pursue further study at university with credit acknowledged for your studies at Box Hill Institute. All of our courses are nationally accredited, so your qualification will be recognised Australia-wide.