Box Hill Institute’s Centre for Building and Furniture Studies is a working partnership between industry, education and the community. The centre gives students the best chance of finding employment, retraining and the confidence to succeed.

The Centre for Building and Furniture Studies delivers quality training in:

  • building construction, design and drafting
  • furniture making and cabinet making
  • general construction – carpentry, framework, formwork and finishing
  • off site – shop fitting, joinery and stair building
  • plumbing – general and licence registration.


Why study with us?

The Centre for Building and Furniture Studies caters for students at a range of levels including both full-time and part-time students, school students, school leavers and mature age students. Students can also be qualified professionals wanting further training or wishing for retraining or new skills. The state-of-the-art centre at Elgar Campus ensures that training meets all industry requirements.



Our Centre Staff are highly qualified and professional teachers who instill core values such as quality work, career satisfaction and self-confidence.


Scholarships and Awards

Students have the opportunity to apply for several scholarships and awards specific to the Centre as well as Institute-wide scholarships.