If you are seeking an alternative learning environment to the traditional Secondary School then you can do your VCE at the CAE (Centre for Adult Education).


With our VCE courses, you will learn in a supportive, adult environment where you can choose to study classes run in the morning, afternoon or evening. Choose from a range of VCE subjects in arts, science, maths, business, law and social sciences.


Studying a VCE course at CAE allows you to create a timeframe that suits you, which will help you find a balance between study and your other commitments. We have no class bells, uniform, or supervision outside of class.


You should enrol to study with us if you want to return after a break from study or are an adult who wants to study a VCE subject for personal interest. You should also enrol to study with us if you’re seeking an alternative learning environment to Secondary School, want to enrol in a VCE subject not offered at your secondary school, or if you have completed VCE but want to improve your ATAR by taking additional subjects.


Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)