Apprenticeships are a great way to enter the workforce or to change your career.

Enrolment Process


1. Pre-requisites and Course Availability

Est Time: May vary per course

You must meet the entry requirements to be eligible to gain entry into the course, such as:

  • Find an employer or a group training company that agrees to employ you.
  • Sign a Training Agreement with both the employer and an Australian Apprenticeship Centre
  • Under 17 students must provide a completed Transition From School Form to Australian Apprenticeship Support Network and to Box Hill Institute(BHI)
  • Permanent resident/ citizen of Australia.
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2. Enrolment Information

Est Time: 1 week

Once we have received your Delta Registration, you will be contacted by administrative staff from a relevant teaching area to discuss your training and commencement details. These details will be confirmed in a follow up email.

3. Literacy, language and numeracy test

Est Time: 1-2 hours

Once your Delta Registration has been reviewed with the teaching area,you will be sent instructions to complete the literacy, language and numeracy test.

Once compete your application will be assessed. We suggest you allow yourself at least two hours to complete the test.

4. Completion of Enrolment Paperwork

When you have completed the online test, you will be invited to attend an enrolment session on the day of or prior to the start of your training, please bring an original or certified copy of your birth certificate or passport, or Medicare card and photo ID, e.g. Driving License / Key Pass / Proof of Age).

You will need to complete the rest of the enrolment paperwork, which includes a Learner’s Style Quiz and Part A of Pre Training Review Form. You will also have a pre-enrolment discussion with one of our administration staff or a teacher to discuss your Units of Study and fees.

5. Enrolment Hub & Payment

Finally, you will be directed to the Enrolment Hub to complete Part B of the Pre Training Review Form. An Admissions Officer will check your paperwork and hand them to you so you can make a payment at Student Administration.

Your enrolment will be confirmed once you have completed all the steps and made a payment.