About the course

About the course

Our commerce course is your ticket to getting the ‘big picture’ in business, giving you the wide range of business management skills to get yourself job ready and put your employer in the box seat for a highly efficient and profitable workplace.

Offering you the opportunity to develop your business skills and be part of a learning community that provides the necessary support to help you achieve your goals, through practical teaching you will be equipped with all of the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in the business world.

Classes are timetabled on weekdays during the day and are delivered face-to-face.

Our supportive small group environments mean you are more than just a face in a crowded lecture theatre, giving you one-on-one support to assist your learning. Committed and passionate teachers, with practical experience in their field of expertise, use innovative teaching strategies to assist you in developing your subject knowledge.

Offering courses at both degree and associate degree levels, your studies will focus on developing your skills in key areas such as:

  • accounting (including auditing and taxation)
  • finance
  • management
  • marketing
  • business ethics
  • law
  • economics
  • communication
  • international business (subject to the number of students enrolled)

Our courses are designed to meet the emerging demands of business and the broader community, exposing you to real business issues and opportunities relevant to the national and global marketplace.

Get an inside view of what it's like to study commerce with us and read our student profiles from Rainier Culwick and Ekram Alpogut. One of our commerce students, Huong Dang Thi, has also won the 'Victorian International Student of the Year' Higher Education award and the Premier's 'International Student of the Year' Award.

Take the next step towards making your mark in the dynamic world of business and commerce.

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Course Details


Intake Dates & Course Length

February and July

Full time: 2 years or part time equivalent

Delivery is face to face with classes scheduled on weekdays

For information regarding dates such as enrolment, orientation and study breaks please visit the Academic Calendars page

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Career & Learning Outcomes

Graduates will acquire:

  • a relevant body of business knowledge, with depth in the underlying principles and concepts in one or more disciplines as a basis for independent lifelong learning
  • cognitive skills to review critically, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge
  • cognitive and technical skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of knowledge with depth in some areas
  • cognitive and creative skills to exercise critical thinking and judgment in identifying and solving problems with intellectual independence
  • communication skills to present a clear, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas
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Entry Requirements

Applicants with Higher Education Study

Applicants who have completed some of a higher education course, either at non-university higher education providers or university some time ago or recently, are welcome to apply.  Applicants seeking to transfer to Box Hill Institute from another education provider or applicants changing to a different course at Box Hill Institute can apply for Advanced Standing. All applications for Advanced Standing are assessed on an individual basis and are granted for subjects where the content and learning outcomes have been demonstrated through your completion of subjects in your prior course.

Applicants with Vocational Education and Training (VET) Study

Applicants who have completed a VET course of study in Commerce/ Business at a public TAFE or other VET provider either recently or some time ago, are welcome to apply.  All training packages of Diploma of Commerce/ Business are accepted regardless of date completed.  You will receive credit for up to four degree subjects on the basis of your diploma studies.

Applicants with work and life experience

Applicants with work and life experience have left secondary education more than two years ago (i.e. applicants who are not classified as recent secondary education applicants) and have not undertaken VET or higher education study since then.

‘Experience’ could include a combination of factors sufficient to demonstrate readiness for higher education.  This includes mature age entry, professional experience, community involvement or work experience.  Applicants may have undertaken non-formal programs that have helped them to prepare for tertiary education or are relevant to Commerce/ Business.

Applicants with recent Secondary Education

Applicants with recent secondary education are those whose admission is based primarily on completion of Year 12 undertaken at school, TAFE or other VET or higher education provider (this includes both Australian or overseas equivalent) that was completed (or will be) in the current year or within the previous two years.

Applicants must have successfully completed VCE (or equivalent) with a study score of at least 20 in units 3 and 4 English (any). The following VCE subjects would benefit students undertaking the degree: accounting, economics, legal studies and mathematics.

NB: All relevant criteria will be considered – e.g. school results, work experience and other study whether VET or prior higher education.


VTAC application and direct entry available

Applicants completing secondary education (Year 12) or equivalent must: 

All other applicants must:

  • submit an application (via Apply Now above)


Recognition of Prior Learning is available.

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How to enrol at Box Hill Institute
How to Enrol

Pathways & Accreditation

After successful completion, you can apply for entry into the Bachelor of Commerce (Applied). You may be eligible to receive credit equivalent of 4 semesters in duration and can complete the Bachelor Degree within 1 year of full time study.

This course is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the qualification is aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level 6 and Box Hill Institute Graduate Attributes.

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Fees & Finance Options

Full Fee
Tuition Fee$31,334
Service Fee$325
Core Skills Support Fee$80
Material Fee$0
Retain Course Items$0
Total Course Estimate$31,739
Payable Estimate (at commencement)$15,600

* Does not apply to VETDSS or Short course students.

** Does not apply to VETDSS, International students, Short Courses, Graduate Degrees , or re-enrolling students who re-enrol in the same course.

***Retained Course Items are purchased by the student once prior to commencing. The course items bought by the student become the property of the student. Such items retain a generic application for other purposes outside the student's course of study (e.g. textbooks).

Student tuition & materials fees published are indicative, and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Fees listed are at 2020 rates and may increase annually over the duration of delivery. Advertised start dates and delivery locations are subject to viable student numbers. For more information please contact our Course Advisors on 1300 BOX HILL.

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Course Structure

You are required to complete 16 subjects (96 points). There are 13 core subjects (78 points) and 3 elective subjects (18 points) depends on your major stream (Accounting, Global Business & Digital Marketing).

    First Year

  • CHM101 Accounting For Decision Making
    6.0 points

    36.0 hours

  • CHM102 Business Communication
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CHM103 Business Statistics
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CHM104 Fundamentals Of Marketing
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CHM105 Macroeconomics
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CHM106 Introduction To Management
    6.0 points

    36.0 hours

  • CHM107 Organisational Behaviour
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CHM108 Introduction To Business Law
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • Second Year

  • CAI201 Business Finance
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge of the financial value of a business, skills in evaluation of contributing factors, and assisting in management-related decisions, including capital structure decisions. Students develop practical skills to confidently make financial decisions that affect business valuation including: financial management, capital budget and business finance. Students gain skills and knowledge in preparation and evaluation of projected cash flows for a business to assist investment decisions, and in finance sourcing to fund operations. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Business Statistics (CHM103)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: chapter summaries and participation 05% Assessment 2: Mid semester test 20% Assessment 3: Group Assignment 25% Assessment 4: Final Examination 50%

  • CAI202 Business Information Systems
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students an introduction to business information and IT systems in an organisational and business enterprise context. Students develop a practical working knowledge of business database systems for the management, storage of, access to and analysis of business data sets. This subject offers students understanding of business information systems abilities and their limitations, information literacy and information management in organisations. Students examine systems that integrate across new and existing business processes, structures and IT architectures within a global context and the relevance for current business information system trends and likely future developments and applications of information systems. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Nil
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Weekly submission 10% Assessment 2: Quiz 10% Assessment 3: Group Presentation and Report 40% Assessment 4: Examination 40%

  • CAI203 Microeconomics
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    In this subject students become familiar with the broad operations of commerce from a micro-economics perspective. This includes the supply and demand of particular goods and the behaviours, conditions and circumstances which influence the market. Students develop knowledge and analytical skills attuned to market mechanisms, the impact of market fluctuation, and the microeconomic impact of government policy interventions in the economy. Students examine potential remedies for market failure and an uncompetitive marketplace, and analyse how consumers and producers interact within markets, through the price mechanism and allocation of scarce resources. Students gain practical skills and knowledge of the economic models of perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition, and the virtues and shortcomings of free markets. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Nil
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Quiz, discussion &d participation 10% Assessment 2: Individual test/ essay 20% Assessment 3: Group Report 30% Assessment 4: Final Examination 40%

  • CAI204 Marketing Law
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge and skills relevant for marketing decisions and enables students to use marketing law issues to inform and improve those decisions. Students become familiar with the impact of the Australian legal environment on business competition and consumer protection as they encounter law that affects market competition, consumer protection, fair dealing, and relevant regulation. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Introduction to Business Law (CHM108) Fundamentals of Marketing (CHM104)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Individual assignment 20% Assessment 2: Group assignment 40% Assessment 3: Examination 40%

  • CAI205 Business Ethics
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge and skills of business ethics and the effect of morality on the conduct of business. This subject advances information about ethical framing and conduct of business. Students develop and apply an appropriate ethical decision-making framework to business decisions. They will develop analytical and critical thinking skills to assist in the identification, analysis and resolution of ethical issues. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Introduction to Management (CHM106)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Individual report 15% Assessment 1: Group assignment 20% Assessment 2: Individual assignment 15% Assessment 4: Examination 50%

  • CA206 Managment Accounting
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge and skills in accounting relevant for decision-making and reporting to create and enhance value for shareholders. Students explore how management information is prepared and used to assist management decision-making in the exchange of goods and services. Students develop practical skills in the preparation of financial and non-financial management information for planning, control, performance, operations, strategy and pricing, and the use of different costs for different purposes. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Accounting for Decision Making (CHM101) Introduction to Management (CHM106)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: In-class discussion and participation 10% Assessment 2: Individual mid semester test 30% Assessment 3: Individual assignment 10% Assessment 4: Examination 50%

  • CA207 Accounting Theory
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge and skills in the ways in which accounting standards are interpreted and applied to transform enterprise financial data into meaningful financial statements. Students develop familiarity with the processes of collection, assemblage and harnessing of accounting data into meaningful financial statements. Students develop skills in the application of appropriate accounting standards in the preparation of financial statements and skills to distinguish the impact of alternative accounting assumptions on reported enterprise performance. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Accounting for Decision Making (CHM101)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Chapter summaries and participation 10% Assessment 2: Individual report and presentation 15% Assessment 3: Group Report and presentation 25% Assessment 4: Examination 50%

  • CA208 Financial Accounting
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This subject offers students knowledge and skills in basic accounting and internal control procedures used for assembling and reporting accounting information among entities such as companies, partnerships, and sole traders. Students develop knowledge and practical skills applicable to the framework and issues in financial processes and in the application of the accounting, recording and reporting process as well as in accounting for assets, liabilities, and owner's equity, in businesses, partnerships and companies. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Accounting for Decision Making (CHM101)
    Assessment: Assessment 1: Weekly activities 15% Assessment 2: Manual accounting 20% Assessment 3: MYOB Lab Test 15% Assessment 4: Examination 50%

  • CME201 Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    This unit aims to introduce students to the fundamental principles and practices of digital marketing and to assist students to develop an understanding of the application of digital marketing processes and techniques. As marketing evolves with the application of digital platforms, so do the skill and knowledge requirements of marketing graduates. Students will be exposed to a variety of digital marketing theories and practical applications whilst undertaking this unit. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Marketing
    Assessment: Assessment 1:Individual Assignment 30% Assessment 2:Online quizzes 20% Assessment 3:Group project 30% Assessment 4:Individual Assignment 20%

  • CME202 Supply Chain For Digital Commerce
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

    Building on the subject The Fundamentals of Marketing, Supply chain for digital commerce is an exploration of the supply chain concepts and issues centered around getting a product to market, focusing mainly on the elements of the supply chain from the point at which a purchasing decision has been made. It includes examination of the purchaser type (business verses individual consumer), the nature of different supply chains and the considerations that should be made about the supply chain design with regard to the good or service, business model and business capability. Contact hours are 1 hour lecture plus 2 hour tutorials for 13 weeks.
    Assessment: Assessment 1:Individual Assignment 20% Assessment 2:Group Assessment 40% Assessment 3:Exam 40%

  • CG206 Global Business Economics
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CG207 Global Business Management
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CME203 Website Design, Creation And Application
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

  • CIHM208 Perspectives On Asia And Pacific Culture And Business
    6.0 points

    39.0 hours

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Admissions Data & Indicative Enrolments

We expect to enrol between 8 and 20 students.

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