About the course

About the course

This course will allow you to apply for a Blasting Explosives Licence from Worksafe. It is considered to be the first step in the process of obtaining the license.  Once you complete your blasting explosives training course you have 6 months to lodge your licence application to Worksafe together with:

  • an application to conduct a National Police Check and ASIO Security Assessment form
  • evidence of passing a WorkSafe approved test or course at an authorised training provider (or a current interstate blasting explosives licence – certified front and back copy)
  • 100 points of proof of identity
  • one passport quality and size photograph
  • the required application fee

About the Blasting Explosives Licence

A licence to use blasting explosives allows you to use and purchase blasting explosives and may authorise limited manufacture of ammonium nitrate - fuel oil (up to 50kgs) for your own use. Licence holders can also store and transport limited amounts of explosives.

This licence is valid for 5 years.

If you have previously completed an ASIO security assessment through WorkSafe you do not need repeat or pay for this assessment again.

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Noel Pickering is the licenced trainer for this program. Noel has had 20 years working with explosives drilling and blasting in the mines of West Austalia. In the role of an OH&S Manager, Noel implemented training policies with an emphasis on the communication of safety information, risk management information, risk control processes and workforce safety.

Course Content

This course was developed in collaboration with Worksafe to meet the requirments of the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2011. 

In 2011 Victoria updated the legal requirements for the manufacture, storage, sale, import, transport and use of explosives, with the introduction of the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2011.

Most of the requirements in the 2000 regulations are the same as the 2011 ones. However, some changes improve public safety and security and clarify responsibilities so that the law is easier to understand.

Licence holders can retain licences issued under the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2000 until they expire.


A good understanding of mathematical calculations is required. A reasonable level of fitness is needed to undertake the practical component of the course. Applicants will be advised that WorkSafe will conduct police checks and require ASIO clearance prior to processing Licence applications.

Materials Required for class

Training materials will be provided by Box Hill Institute.

Personal Protection Equipment gear is required for delivery conducted at a quarry.

Target Audience

Applicants wanting to work with explosives in rural, civil, extractives, demolition, pyrotechnical or mining industries.

All applicants must be over the age of 18 to attend the course due to legal restrictions.

Applicants could be working in a variety of different roles from rural, civil, extractives, demolition, pyrotechnical or mining industries for some time and/or individual needing the Use of Blasting Explosives licence to clear personal property clearance.  They could have a body of knowledge and skills to plan, organise and prepare for blasting operations; use their workplace  knowledge and experience to determine preventative measures for potential hazards and risks; diagnose problems by recognising symptoms, isolating causes and determining solutions.

Learning Pathways

After succesful completion of this course, you may wish to apply for positions such as supervisory roles in the use of blasting operations.

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