About the course

About the course

In order to qualify for a Passive House Designer certificate or a Passive House Consultant certificate, evidence of a qualification in an appropriate professional field is required, which allows the holder to carry out planning of buildings or technical building services at his or her own responsibility. A copy of a letter (e.g. diploma, master craftsman's diploma or similar document, translated into German or English if applicable) proving this qualification must be provided to the examining institution. On the basis of these documents the examining institution shall decide whether to issue a Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant certificate to the applicant upon successful completion and shall also recommend the professional title under which he/she will be listed on the internet hereforth. The examining institution shall forward a copy of the qualification document to the PHI, together with the original signed application and the examination booklet.

The Passive House Institute (PHI) shall issue the Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant certificate after successful completion of the examination.

Applicants who cannot provide proof of their qualifications or whose documents do not meet the required conditions will receive the Passive House Consultant title.

The final decision regarding the award of the Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant title will be made by the PHI.

Exam conditions are provided in detail at the Passivhausplaner website.  

Passive House Course and Exam Enquiries

To enrol, complete, scan and return the enrolment form to passivehouseenquiries@boxhill.edu.au

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Code Course 2021 Dates
CPH01 Passive House Introduction

19-21 May

25-27 August

CPHT1 Certified Passive House Tradesperson

3-7 May

15-19 November

CPHT2 Certified Passive House Tradesperson Examination

8 May

20 November

CPHD1 Certified Passive House Designer

31 May - 10 June

27 September - 7 October

22 November - 2 December

CPHDE Passive House Designer exam prep course

11 June

8 October

3 December

CPHD2 Certified Passive House Designer Examination





Dates are approximate and after the courses


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Johanna Trickett and Marcus Strang

Johanna Trickett is an architect and sustainability professional who not only recognizes the many challenges but also the many opportunities in creating a more sustainable built environment. Her professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Architecture, Passive House Designer accreditation and a Master of Science in ‘ClimaDesign’, which in combination allows her to approach projects with an interdisciplinary design and engineering perspective. Johanna has worked in various architectural and sustainability roles in Australia and Germany, with various roles, including Project Architect, ESD Advisor, Lead ESD Consultant and Project Leader. Having worked in two countries and on multiple international projects, Johanna has developed a keen interest in the communication of ESD concepts across national borders and across multiple project disciplines.

Marcus Strang is a specialist sustainability engineer and experienced Certified Passive House Designer, having had the opportunity to work on many Certified Passive House buildings in Australia. His expertise is in refining building energy performance, analysing thermal envelope junctions and fenestration details, as well as identifying interstitial and surface moisture risks using hygrothermal modelling tools. Marcus’s interests encompass holistic systems design, building physics, passive design optimisation and natural building materials. Currently, also a PhD Candidate specialising in the Passive House Standard and mass timber design, which he sees as a fundamental step for striving towards net-zero carbon emission buildings and a thriving, vibrant society.


None, however completion of the Passive House Designer/Consultant Course is highly recommended.

Materials Required for class

The Passive House Designer/Consultant exam is conducted online with strict exam protocals. The exact date and time (sometimes evening)  is determined by PHI Germany and will be around the date that is scheduled.

  • Before the exam, the participant installs a program ("safe exam browser", free of charge) that prevents the use of other programs during the online exam.
  • The participant is filmed and supervised by the exam provider during the entire exam via live video conference call (on the mobile phone).
  • Supervision of the exam via live video conferencing is carried out by two employees of the exam provider, so that help with possible problems is provided at the same time as supervision of all participants.
  • In case of doubt, PHI is given access to the recorded live video conferences. The consent of the participants for this procedure must be obtained before the exam begins.
  • The group size of an online exam is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.  Access data for an online exam will be provided to the exam provider by the PHI.
  • The planning task (task 4) will be outlined on paper and scans/photos of these sheets will be sent by the participant to the exam provider immediately after the exam. The exam provider will perform the first marking of the planning task and enter the results in the new online course provider portal. The first marking of the other online exam tasks is carried out automatically.
  • Writing materials & a calculator.  Coloured pens are recommended and final answers (including drawings) must be in ink not pencil.
  • The exam is open book.  No electronic devices connected to the internet are permitted.

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