About the course

About the course

In order to qualify for a Passive House Designer certificate or a Passive House Consultant certificate, evidence of a qualification in an appropriate professional field is required, which allows the holder to carry out planning of buildings or technical building services at his or her own responsibility. A copy of a letter (e.g. diploma, master craftsman's diploma or similar document, translated into German or English if applicable) proving this qualification must be provided to the examining institution. On the basis of these documents the examining institution shall decide whether to issue a Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant certificate to the applicant upon successful completion and shall also recommend the professional title under which he/she will be listed on the internet hereforth. The examining institution shall forward a copy of the qualification document to the PHI, together with the original signed application and the examination booklet.

The Passive House Institute (PHI) shall issue the Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant certificate after successful completion of the examination.

Applicants who cannot provide proof of their qualifications or whose documents do not meet the required conditions will receive the Passive House Consultant title.

The final decision regarding the award of the Passive House Designer or Passive House Consultant title will be made by the PHI.

Exam conditions are provided in detail at the Passivhausplaner website.  

Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd offer a Passive House Scholarship. Enrolled applicants have the opportunity to apply. The successful applicant will receive full subsidy for the exam. To apply, visit the Proclima website.

Passive House Course and Exam Enquiries

To enrol, complete, scan and return the enrolment form to passivehouseenquiries@boxhill.edu.au

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Code Course Dates Location
CPH01 Passive House Introduction  16 – 18 Oct

City Campus CAE

CPHD1 Certified Passive House Designer 25 Nov – 5 Dec

City Campus CAE

CPHDE Passive House Designer exam prep course 6 Dec

City Campus CAE

CPHD2 Certified Passive House Designer Examination 7 Dec

City Campus CAE

CPHT1 Certified Passive House Tradesperson 11 – 15 Nov


CPHT2 Certified Passive House Tradesperson Examination 16 Nov



Course Details


Sessions Available

  • 7/DEC/2019 - 7/DEC/2019

    $750, $750 Concession

    BESCPHD202C - 1 Session - Sat - 9am-1:30pm - 07 Dec to 07 Dec 2019


Daniel Kress


None, however completion of the Passive House Designer/Consultant Course is highly recommended.

Materials Required for class

Writing materials & a calculator.  Coloured pens are recommended and final answers (including drawings) must be in ink not pencil.

The exam is open book.  No electronic devices connected to the internet are permitted

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