About the course

About the course

Further information about this exam can be obtained by contacting the trainer, Burkhard Hansen burkhard@carbonlite.com.au

The International Examination Regulations for Passive House Tradespersons can be found at the Passive House Tradesperson website.

Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd offer a Passive House Scholarship. Enrolled applicants have the opportunity to apply. The successful applicant will receive full subsidy for the exam. To apply, visit the Proclima website.

To enrol, complete, scan and return the enrolment form to passivehouseenquiries@boxhill.edu.au

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Code Course 2020 Semester 1 2020 Semester 2 Location
CPH01 Passive House Introduction  22 - 24 Apr 12 - 14 Aug

City Campus CAE

CPHD1 Certified Passive House Designer 15 - 25 Jun 28 Sep - 8 Oct

City Campus CAE

CPHDE Passive House Designer exam prep course 26 Jun 9 Oct

City Campus CAE

CPHD2 Certified Passive House Designer Examination 27 Jun 10 Oct

City Campus CAE

CPHT1 Certified Passive House Tradesperson 11 - 15 May 9 – 13 Nov


CPHT2 Certified Passive House Tradesperson Examination 16 May 14 Nov



Course Details


Fees & Schedule


Burkhard Hansen


None.  However completion of the Passive House Tradespersons Course is highly recommended.

Materials Required for class

Students need to bring writing materials and calculator.  Coloured pens are recommended and your final answers (including drawings) must be in ink, not pencil.

The exam is open book.  No electronic devices connected to the internet are permitted.

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