About the course

About the course

Are you a qualified welder?  Then this welding course could be for you. 

By studying this welding course you will be able to transition from a range of working backgrounds into ARC welding and then upskill to meet the requirements of the international standard: ISO 9606.

Those intended to benefit most from this course include:

  • organisations undertaking work through major projects
  • young people looking to enter the construction industry
  • retrenched workers looking to re-skill in a different industry
  • individuals looking to upskill as part of a change of career

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Course Content

To be awarded a certificate for the Course in Fusion Welding to ISO 9606 for Transition Workers, you must successfully complete 7 units of competency (4 core and 3 elective).  Units include:


  • VU22307 Simulate fusion welding processes using augmented reality (AR) equipment
  • VU22308 Identify welding processes, safe welding practices and use of hand/power tools
  • VU22301 Interpret and apply ISO 9606 for fusion welding processes
  • VU22303 Perform fusion welding procedures to meet the procedures of ISO 9606- 1 (Steels - carbon steels)


  • VU22304 Perform fusion welding procedures to meet the procedures of ISO 9606- 1 (Steels - stainless steel)
  • VU22305 Perform fusion welding procedures to meet the requirements of ISO 9606-2 (Aluminium/aluminium alloys)
  • MEM05012C Perform routine manual metal arc welding
  • MEM05050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding
  • MEM05007C Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
  • VU22309 Read and interpret technical drawings and make measurements for a welding procedure

Participants who do not complete the full set of units will be awarded a Statement of Attainment listing the unit/s successfully attained.


It is expected that transition workers will have a diverse range of working backgrounds with little or no welding experience. It is recommended each applicant is interviewed to assess their suitability for the course and a career as a welder.

As a guide to the interviewer, your skills in the following areas will be discussed at the interview:

  • interest in repairing and making things (handyperson)
  • use of hand tools and hand held power tools
  • manual dexterity/good hand-eye coordination
  • safety consciousness/awareness

Materials Required for class

You will need to bring the following Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to class:

  • gloves
  • safety glasses
  • welding helmet
  • long sleeve trousers and shirts
  • steel cap boots

Learning Pathways

Successfully completing this welding course (or part of it) will gain credit in any future studies that include these units. Likewise, if you have already attained any of the units, you will be granted a credit for those units when applying for this course. 


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