Learn how to examine, as part of a team, an organisations existing Incident Response Plan (IRP) and expand it as necessary to more thoroughly deal with cyber security incidents. Our cyber security incident response fundamentals course uses a red-team/blue-team scenario and covers forming the team, clarifying roles, interpreting an IRP, using the red and blue teams to test the IRP, implementing an incident, evaluating the IRP for its effectiveness and developing improvement. 

National Code 0008CS411
Study Areas Cyber Security
Study Level Short Course

During the course, you will learn about effective organisation in relation to Incident Response. Using the red-team/blue-team exercises, you will clarify roles, interpret an incident response plan (IRP), use the teams to test the IRP, implement an incident, evaluate the IRP for its effectiveness and develop improvement.

Basic cyber security skills.

All learning materials are provided.

This course is designed for engineers working in the security space within a large organisation who want to further secure their systems and networks.

You have the option to complete the assessment for the unit VU21996 Evaluate and Test an Incident Response Plan for an Enterprise. VU21996 is an elective unit in the Certificate IV in Cyber Security, therefore, upon successful completion you will automatically receive a credit transfer.

Alternatively, students who do not wish to complete the assessment can receive an ungraded participation mark.

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