We offer two programs for international students who wish to improve their English to pursue a health career:  

  • English for Health
  • English for Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation

Our English for Health course will help you improve your English specifically for working in the Healthcare sector, as well as improving general English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. It’s the perfect course to get you ready for our English for OET Preparation course or further health studies.

English for OET Preparation is an advanced English course focused on the Health sector also suitable for overseas or locally trained health professionals preparing for the OET. The OET is a highly regarded English Language assessment for the Australian health sector. The OET for Preparation course is heavily focused on the OET, with weekly practice exams. Graduates of English for Health are recommended to continue their language journey by completing this course.

Both courses run for 10 weeks, 5 hours per day, 4 days per week. 

The end dates of the courses generally correspond with the test dates for the OET. Perfect timing!


Intake dates for 2019: 11 April, 4 July, 26 September

Cost per course: $4250.00 (both courses combined run for 20 weeks, at a cost of $8500.00) Plus $155 amenities fee.

National Code 0008ELOET
Study Areas International Students
Study Level Short Course

Our teachers are highly experienced English language teachers, and accredited OET preparation trainers 

English for Health focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening using health vocabulary and common hospital terminology and documents. You’ll also study grammatical structures using academic varieties of English.

English for OET Preparation focuses heavily on preparing for the OET, with new practice exams conducted weekly based on current and contemporary issues in the healthcare sector.



English for Health: IELTS 6.0 or successful completion of ELICOS Upper Intermediate 2 with an overall score of 81% or more

English for OET Preparation: IELTS 6.5 or successful completion of ELICOS English for Health with an overall score of 75% or more

You’ll need:

  • writing materials (notebook and pens)
  • laptop (not essential, but at times you may be in a classroom without computers)

All other learning materials will be provided in class

International students wishing to pursue further studies in the Health industry or who plan on sitting the OET.

For local enquiries please contact us at OET@boxhill.edu.au or call 1300 269 445

For overseas enquiries, direct entry. See how to apply or contact the international office.

English for Health graduates may wish to pursue vocational studies in the health sector in areas such as individual support or may also like to prepare for higher level health studies (such as nursing) by completing the English for OET Preparation course. 

English for OET Preparation prepares local or overseas-trained health professionals for the OET, and is also designed for graduates of English for Health wishing to prepare for higher level studies in areas such as nursing.

Students who successfully complete English for Health are recommended to study English for OET Preparation.

Students who successfully complete English for OET Preparation may wish to sit the OET test (arranged by the student outside of Box Hill Institute) or pursue studies in the Health industry.

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