About the course

About the course

Our ELICOS English for Academic Purposes course is for students who wish to study certificate to degree level courses in Australia.

We offer four levels of ELICOS - English for Academic Purposes, including:

  • English for Academic Purposes (Intermediate) for intermediate students who have previously studied English, have a basic understanding of English grammar and structure, and who can have basic conversations with native English speakers
  • English for Academic Purposes (Upper Intermediate 1 and Upper Intermediate 2) for upper intermediate students who have studied English at a higher level, have a good understanding of English grammar and structure, and whocan have extended conversations with native English speakers
  • English for Academic purposes (Advanced) for advanced students who have studied English at a tertiary level, or who have lived in an English-speaking country. This course is suitable for students who wish to study in higher education or tertiary courses in Australia

Each level runs for a 10-week block.

$AUD300 per week  ($3000 for a 10-week block)

Additional fees
Service and amenities fee $AUD155 (2019) $AUD160 (2020) 

Intake dates

ELICOS at Box Hill Institute has an intake every 5 weeks as listed below. Orientation for each intake (new students only) is held on the Thursday prior to the start date.


  • Intake 8: 4 Nov-6 Dec (Orientation 31 October)


  • Intake 1: 28 Jan - 27 Feb  (Orientation 23 Jan)
  • Intake 2: 02 Mar - 02 Apr  (Orientation 27 Feb)
  • Intake 3: 20 Apr - 21 May (Orientation 16 Apr)
  • Intake 4: 25 May - 25 Jun (Orientation 21 May) 
  • Intake 5: 13 Jul -  13 Aug  (Orientation 09 Jul)
  • Intake 6: 17 Aug - 17 Sep (Orientation 13 Aug)
  • Intake 7: 05 Oct - 05 Nov (Orientation 01 Oct)
  • Intake 8: 09 Nov - 10 Dec (Orientation 05 Nov)

Course Details


Fees & Schedule


ELICOS teachers at Box Hill Institute hold post graduate qualifications in Teaching English as an Additional or Foreign language, and have at least 5 years ELICOS teaching experience. 

Course Content

ELICOS classes are split into two parts each day.

In morning lessons you'll practise English Language in a wide variety of social and personal contexts to develop your English language skills. Text books such as ‘Cutting Edge’ and ‘Speakout’ are used during the sessions.

In afternoon lessons your studies will be focused on practising vocational study skills such as presentations, report writing, listening and note taking, conducting surveys and interviews, and reading vocationally relevant articles.

Language assessments are conducted every 2 weeks and skills-based assessments are conducted every 5 weeks. 

At the end of each 10-week program you'll be given a course progress report.


We only accept enrolments from international students who are 18 years of age or above at the time of course commencement

Materials Required for class

You'll need to bring:

  • an A4 notebook (lined and unused)
  • pens
  • a USB stick
  • a display folder (to keep worksheets in)
  • your laptop/tablet (optional as you'll often be in classrooms without computers)

Course books and other learning materials will be supplied by your teachers.

Target Audience

Students who require Academic English before entering their mainstream course.  

Learning Pathways

Students studying English for Academic Purposes are usually preparing for further studies in the Vocational or Higher Education sector. These courses have different English requirements. When you enrol for your vocational course, you'll be advised of the English requirement level for your chosen course.

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