The Mediterranean Sea occupies a unique geographical and cultural place in world history. Centrally located between three continents it has nurtured the growth of great civilisations, encouraged the interchange of goods and ideas and spawned mighty conflicts on water and land. Covering almost three millennia of human history, our journeys will take us to islands large and small, to coastal regions and settlements in Europe, Asia and Africa, and to significant inland sites.  Part 1 will focus on the Aegean Region, from the Aegean Islands to the coast of Turkey.

National Code AD95
Study Level Short Course

Richard Stone has long been intrigued by history and fascinated by human creativity. An extended period of Tertiary study produced a Degree in Art History and Music along with Diplomas in Art and Design and in Education. There followed a satisfying thirty year career as a teacher and lecturer in Independent Schools. During this time Richard continued to practise as a painter and photographer and satisfied an urge to travel by developing a program of European study tours. Since the mid-nineties he has accompanied more than twenty groups of Secondary students and adults to various destinations in search of cultural enlightenment. His interests have continued to expand with time and today he enjoys sharing his enthusiasms for History, Literature and the Arts with interested audiences of any age.

Richard Stone explores and discusses this unique location; it’s history, impact and regions – both large and small.  Too much to cover in a single course, Richard will focus on a particular region of the Mediterranean in each 4 session course.

First in the series, this course (Part 1) will focus on the Aegean Region from the Aegean Islands to the coast of Turkey.

There is no prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

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