A general overview of the skills and knowledge required for working in the zookeeping industry. Learn about zoo operations, basic species management, animal behaviour and environmental enrichment. This information will be consolidated with a visit to the zoo.

National Code AAS99
Study Areas Captive Animals
Study Level Short Course

Jo Comber

Classroom based and includes a visit to the zoo at the end of the course. This course will also cover some of the underpinning knowledge required for the units of competency from the animal care and management-training package.


  • An attempt to order many diverse things into groups, with items within each group sharing common features.


  • Theory of animal behavior: (i) Psychology, (ii)Ethnology Ecology
  • Location and distribution of species.

Upsetting the Balance

  • Effects of introduced species.

Captive Management

  • An emotional issue – whether or not to keep native wildlife as pets, what to do with injured animals.

Endangered Species and Research Projects

  • A species whose numbers have been reduced to a critical level such that it is in danger of extinction.

An interest in the industry.

Pen and paper.

People who are interested in a career in the zookeeping industry.

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