VCAL Online

iVCAL is an alternative to the traditional classroom delivery method of VCAL, and can be completed online.



Study VCAL Online

iVCAL is an innovative way to achieve your Year 11 or 12 VCAL certificate, from Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels. Our iVCAL program is a VCAL online course program meaning your studies is accessible 24/7 – from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. This self-paced, online course can be completed 100% online or as a combination of online and drop in class sessions. iVCAL can be fully individualised to suit you, the learner and your needs and priorities.

The iVCAL program is fully supported by teachers, wellbeing officers and counsellors, and has been designed so it is easy to access, follow and engage with.

If you choose, you can come into Box Hill Institute (Box Hill’s Nelson campus) for face to face interactions with the teachers and other students in our dedicated IVCAL classroom.

You should enrol to study with us if:

  • you prefer to study in a non-classroom environment
  • you need flexibility in your study pattern
  • you want to return after a break from study
  • you are seeking an alternative learning environment to Secondary School

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What does this course involve?

Like the traditional VCAL programs we offer, iVCAL also offers pathways to higher education programs delivered by the Institute and other learning institutions. Stage one involves completing literacy, numeracy, personal development and work skills units online while stage two involves choosing vocational units which may be delivered in the traditional face to face classroom environment or online or a combination of both.

What employment opportunities will I have?

This course may provide you with the knowledge and skills to explore your chosen vocation with a view to entering that industry. As a student, the Institute’s Skills and Job Centre is your first port of call for advice on gaining employment in your chosen vocation.

Can I apply?

iVCAL is suited for learners who want to gain a Senior Secondary School Certificate but prefer to study in a non-classroom environment. You may have work or carer commitments during the day or need more flexibility in your study patterns. iVCAL students may live non-routine lives. iVCAL is designed for learners who may require one learning outcome, or one unit, or complete the whole iVCAL program to achieve their VCAL Certificate.

How to apply

Start by contacting us. Once we receive your details, we will email you instructions to start your application.