About the course

About the course

This LEA and LEP course will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to sit the Licensed Electrical Practice (LEP) Assessment. The LEP Assessment is the third of three separate assessments needed to gain your Licensed Electrician Assessment (LEA).  

Your LEA must be completed to gain your A Class Electrician's License from Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).  


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Alan Mellor


You must confirm your eligibility to sit the LEP with Box Hill Institute prior to sitting the examination.  This will depend not only on your units of competency being complete but also that you have entered your profiling up to date and those cards have been verified by your employer. Proof of eligibility must be provided by your training provider.

Materials Required for class

Please bring your Analogue Mega/IR Tester and Voltage Tester.  You are required to wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) workwear including long sleeves and long pants. You'll need to bring basic hand tools as well as a note book, pens, pencils, eraser, and a ruler.

Target Audience

Electrical workers looking to complete the Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA)

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