About the course

About the course

This light vehicle structural awareness course is the second of the two mandatory courses that an examining technician must undertake as a part of the Licensed Vehicle Tester Training Scheme (LVTTS).

This course is designed for technicians to obtain accreditation to inspect vehicles for the purpose of issuing a certificate of roadworthiness.

It is a mandatory component (along with VSI 25 Motor Vehicle Body Repairs) of the Licensed Vehicle Tester Training Scheme (LVTTS) in conjunction with VicRoads Vehicle Safety and Compliance.

New applicants applying for a Licenced Vehicle Tester (LVT) Licence will need to go through VicRoads for a pre-approved application.

Course Details


Course Content

You will gain the knowledge and ability to identify and assess damage or sub-standard repairs on a vehicle presented to you to complete a roadworthy inspection (light vehicle).

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify acceptable/unacceptable repairs on vehicles presented for inspection
  • reference and use the appropriate standards for assessing structural damage and repairs
  • locate and complete all relevant documentation involved with structural assessment
  • supply and interpret information to and from a vehicle repairer in relation to the structural repairs
  • access the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) website for the purpose of checking the status (Written off or Stolen) of a vehicle presented for inspection


You must:

  • be a qualified mechanic and hold a current Victorian drivers licence
  • bring in your VicRoads pre approval letter
  • undertake a literacy and numeracy test to ensure you are suitable for this course and achieve the best outcome in accordance with VicRoads regulations
  • also provide coloured copies of trade qualifications should you wish to apply for entry into LVT Technical Examiner and LVT Structural Awareness

Materials Required for class

Please bring pens and highlighters.

Suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential as you will undertake a practical examination of a vehicle.

Bringing your own digital camera is advisable as you will be required to take photos of vehicles and store the photos on our student web as part of the assessment.

Target Audience

Mechanics and technicians required to test vehicles for a roadworthy certificate.


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