Join multi-award-winning architect, Nicholas Gioia, on a stimulating journey along the periphery of Melbourne’s CBD core; the North and Eastern borders. Witness the clash of architectures as you ponder 19thC “dreaming spires” being hastily overshadowed by the numberless cranes of the 21stC. Uncover some of the fascinating stories in the places where Melbourne’s centre rubs up against its very first suburbs.

National Code AE06
Study Level Short Course
Campuses City Campus
Fee $99
Concession Fee $95


Start End Fee Description  
7/Apr/2019 7/Apr/2019 $99, $95 Concession DNAE0601C 1 x Sun 10am-12:30pm 07 Apr to 07 Apr 2019

Nicholas tutors RMIT Architecture courses and is a guest assessor of Architecture student work at Melbourne University, RMIT and Deakin University.

Award-wining architect Nicholas Gioia leads students on an informative journey through Melbourne, pointing out features and discussing architectural and historical aspects.

It is a walking tour so students should be comfortable in participating in an activity of this nature. Students who are uncertain should be guided by the opinion of their doctor. Do dress for comfort, taking the weather forecast into consideration.

It is suggested that you bring a bottle of water with you and subject to the weather forecast, an umbrella.

CAE offers a wide range of walking tours focusing on historical themes, the arts, cultural and culinary topics. For details please refer to the CAE website or phone CAE on 9652 0611.

Learn more about Melbourne, in particular, places that you may well have seen on many occasions and others viewed for the first time.

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