The ultimate goal of the Eastern Trail Challenge is to shine some light, love and much needed funds on the work of three local grass-roots charities.  This event will provide staff with the opportunity to be proactive in our community and get involved with local charities.

Teams are to choose the charity they will fundraise for:

Kara House

Holy Fools


Kara House – refuge for women and children escaping family violence

Holy Fools Lilydale – helping the homeless in the Yarra Ranges

Headspace – national youth mental health foundation

Teams must fundraise a minimum of $500, by Friday, 14 April to be eligible to participate. Teams that fail to do so will be unable to start the event without the prior approval of event organisers.

The Eastern Trail Challenge event is registered on the peer-to-peer fundraising portal –  GiveMatcher charges 0% fee, with the exception of small credit card transaction fees (1.5%), for charities with an annual revenue of less than $5million.  Therefore, all donations will go directly to Kara House and Holy Fools.   Headspace’s annual revenue is more than $5million so they will incur 3.4% rate (excl. 1.5% credit card fee).

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and will issues receipts to donors immediately via email.  

Download our Fundraising Presentation

What else do I need to know?

  1. Choose the charity your team are fundraising for – Kara House, headspace Knox or Holy Fools (no links)
  2. Choose a team name – try to make it unique
  3. Choose an image to represent your team
  4. Agree on a fundraising goal
  5. Assign a Team Leader / Administrator. A team leader/administrator has access to edit fundraiser, post updates and upload photos by logging in via the team’s donor account and pressing ‘members dashboard’.
  6. Team Leader /Administrator to set up the team Fundraiser.  Instructions are on the Eastern Trail Challenge event on
  7. Team Leader / Administrator to invite team members to join the team Fundraiser once established.

Use the ‘Donate Now’ on your team’s Fundraiser and choose:

  • The amount
  • The donation frequency
  • The team member they are supporting
  • Then select ‘Make donation’ button

Share your team’s Fundraiser URL with others. 

Team members can use the “Share this event” via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Get Link or Email,  on the team’s Fundraiser page to appeal for the support of friends, family, colleagues and others by making a donation.

A company can register as a matcher on GiveMatcher. It is free. They will receive a dashboard and will allocate a budget to a charity, charities, a campaign or a fundraiser.  Example:

When a company chooses your fundraiser they wish to match :

  • Their logo is displayed with your fundraiser. It states the limit or ‘donate up to’ they will match.
  • By default the matcher is chosen.
  • A donation will not be matched if the donor enters a higher donation than the limit stated.
  • Once a company’s limit or monthly donation is taken up, their logo is no longer displayed.
  • If a donation is matched, the donor receives a thank you note on the tax receipt
  • There is no fee taken from the matching donation.
  • The company transfers the matching donation to the charity the following month.

You can find more information here.

  • Make it fun!
  • Get your support crew on board
  • Work as a team
  • Set goals
  • Take an interest in the charity you are fundraising for
  • Make the first donation
  • Set the bar high
  • Be creative

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Organise a fundraiser for your team:
    • Bunnings / Woolworths sausage sizzle
    • quiz night
    • car wash or garage sale
    • bake and sell some biscuits or muffins
    • Institute-wide competition
  • Donation in lieu of Xmas gift or birthday present
  • Double your impact – matching donations from organisations (mechanism to do this is on GiveMatcher)
  • Office swear box
  • Team challenge
  • Support crew to set their own challenge and fundraise
  • Entertainment Book