Diploma of Children’s Services (Centre Based Care)

Ben Goodes is a warm, loving person with a passionate spirit for good teachers and good education. He loves his music and he especially loves the concept of ‘applied learning’. Having come from a large family, Ben adopted attitudes that encouraged the importance of supporting family and community. After taking a year off school, he was adamant that he wanted to teach for the rest of his life.

Ben started his learning in children’s services at Box Hill Institute in 1998. This is where he first discovered the concept of applied learning. Most of his classes comprised of group activities and scenarios where the students had to work out what went wrong in the pre-school classroom. Ben found this way of learning was very successful and proceeded to inherit it as his main way of teaching young children.

After finishing his Diploma of Children’s Services, Ben felt he had the confidence to take on university and went on to study a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education at La Trobe University.

Now working full time at Nunawading’s Warekila Preschool, Ben could not be happier with his life. He likes to apply his hands on learning concept by using his guitar to create songs with the children about things they have learnt. He says the children guide him to teach them in the best way they can learn, all he has to do is listen to them.

Recently, he has been featured in the Herald Sun as being one of only 20 male kindergarten teachers across the state.
Ben has a loving wife and three children of his own. He hopes to inspire more men to take on kindergarten teaching as a career. Ben is planning to undertake further studies with a view to teaching at a tertiary level.