Diploma of Event Management, Diploma of Hospitality Management (2007)

Deb Stanton was a social worker with a degree and nearly 10 years work behind her when she chose a very different path, after researching Event Management on the internet and choosing Box Hill Institute’s course in Event and Hospitality Management. It was a somewhat unusual experience to be a mature age student, but Deb impressed her teachers and has gone on to an exciting new career path. She was doing volunteer work and working at Crown whilst studying, and then moved to Singapore with her husband, initially working in conferences at PEI Media Singapore before landing a position with an event management company called Cityneon Concepts as Senior Account Executive. Deb works with the client from the very beginning on what the event will look like and how it will be executed, right through to costing, negotiating with suppliers and overseeing the event day. Deb is now enjoying the energy and atmosphere of a new career in a vibrant city.