emily_brownBachelor of Applied Music (Performance) (2008)

Emily Brown was once advised by her mother “Do what you love really well and nothing will stop you from doing it” – and she’s already well on her way.

Singing is Emily’s talent, with a style influenced by music from South America and West Africa and Italian folk. She has recently put together her own band (My Favourite Emily), with a live residency, a recently recorded EP and a Cabaret entitled “Zirconia” on the horizon.

But that’s not all. She is in the process of co producing a feature length film called Cult, has been involved in volunteer work, including writing the theme song for the Hear For Life foundation, written over 70 songs, and one of her many ambitions is to run workshops for kids and adults – based on performance as a way to bring people out of their shells. Sounds like there’ll be no stopping Emily.