Associate Diploma of Business (Marketing) (1996)

What influences led you to pursue a career in business?

I have always been interested in the finer points of business, including strategy, implementation and execution (including measurement). Having held jobs from a young age, a simple yet consistent work ethic was taught to me by my father. He instilled in me the importance of committing to a job, making sure it is carefully planned, done right the first time, and seeing it through to completion.

Some of those jobs that I learnt from in the early years (from age 8+) were catalogue/newspaper delivery, tool making at my father’s workshop in Bayswater, and looking after neighbours properties whilst they were away on holiday. Each of these jobs taught me the importance of commitment, planning, and a high standard of execution.

How does someone who did an Associate Diploma of Business (Marketing) progress to being the NSW Sales Manager of ReachLocal?

  • A lot of hard work
  • Building relationships with the right people, and impressing these people through your work ethic, results, and how you can positively effect their workload or performance
  • Understanding and being able to recognise a small problem as opposed to a big problem
  • Never leaving a job, without having another better, more challenging job to go to
  • Never burning bridges with people you deal with, whether that be personally or professionally
  • Being willing to take calculated risks

Can you tell me the jobs that you have had since you finished your qualification at Box Hill. Did you undertake further study and if so why?

My first full time employment after Box Hill TAFE was working for The Smith’s Snackfood Company as a Sales Executive/Territory Manager in 1997. It was a hand’s on role, that incorporated numerous responsibilities including customer relationship building, merchandising, stock control, time management, accounts receivable and training. It was also an autonomous role, which allowed me to go about delivering an expected outcome (financial and customer satisfaction) with the flexibility for me to develop the best way to achieve this. This type of role gave me a great grounding, but the autonomy could have been a challenge, if it weren’t for the many unsupervised casual jobs I carried out when I was younger.

At the conclusion of an overseas trip to Europe with friends, I decided to stay on in England and experience living there for a time. I felt that full time employment that showed progression on my CV, could only help me when I returned to Australia, and sought my next role.

  • 1999 Sales Executive – TNT, Kensington VIC
  • 2001 Business Development Manager – GoMail/Ausdoc/Toll Group, Port Melbourne VIC
  • 2002 Sales Executive – PMP Limited, Moorabbin VIC
  • 2005 Sales Manager – PMP Limited, Southbank VIC
  • 2007 Sales Manager – ReachLocal Australia, Port Melbourne VIC
  • 2009 Sales Manager – ReachLocal Australia, North Ryde NSW

Further study mainly consisted of short courses such as:

  • Dale Carnegie 2001
  • ADMA – Australian Direct Marketing Association 2004
  • AIM – Australian Institute of Management 2006/2010

What is the most fascinating thing about your job?

The breadth of opportunities that is available for local business to advertise online. Every quarter there are new and exciting advertising products/streams that are being created, and for the first time in history, it is becoming mainstream for advertising suppliers to provide transparent reporting to their customers, so that they can measure ROI. No more guess work, now our customers can make decisions based on fact.

We are amidst the single biggest change the advertising industry has ever seen, and ever will see in my lifetime. To create an office (Melbourne) and teams (Melbourne and Sydney) from the ground up has been extremely rewarding, and something I’ll look back on with pride for years to come.

What skills beyond your qualifications prepared you for the position you currently hold?

Effectively communicating to various different types of people, whether they be internal (sales people, technical support, senior management, operations, finance), or external (customers including a lawyer in Pitt St Sydney/Collins St Melbourne right through to a panel beater in Bankstown / Bayswater), and understanding the best method to communicate depending on your desired outcome and their motivations.

A strong work ethic and an ability to ‘see the bigger picture’. It is critically important that once you have decided to work for an employer, you commit 100% to that role and the firm. If you happen to lose that passion/ commitment, it’s time to find another job!

What takes you away from your job? What do you do outside of work

My family. I have been married to my wife Penny for almost 6 years now, and have two great kids, Jess who’s almost 6, and Sam 4. Work and family make up 90% of who I am. Other interests that I devote a small amount of time to include following my team in the AFL, and volunteering to local community organisations such as Marine Rescue Broken Bay and Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club.