Jacie Malseed

Diploma of Arts – Studio Stitch/Textiles (2005)


Textile artist Jacie Malseed can truly claim to be one of Box Hill Institute’s “Colourful Women” – that’s the name of Jacie’s group of former textile design students who regularly get together to celebrate their passion for art. In Jacie’s case, that art incorporates Japanese inspired designs on silk, and contemporary wall-hangings with machine embroidery and hand stitching.

After 30 years of patchwork classes, it was Jacie’s decision to enrol at Box Hill Institute that opened a whole new range of artistic possibilities to her. In three years she learnt valuable techniques, the even more valuable confidence to exhibit – which she has done with repeated success – and the lifelong benefit of working with like-minded students, building networks and ultimately, the continuing enjoyment of being part of the “Colourful Women”. Jacie has proved that it’s never too late to find your own distinctive style – and a vibrant, colourful style at that.