Lauren Vercoe Lauren Vercoe

Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management) (2006)

Business Owner

For Lauren Vercoe the move from a career in PR to yoga was a natural one. After concentrating her energies into Spiral PR where she was co-director, Lauren decided to make the change to yoga and run a studio, which had been a life-long dream of hers.

Lauren, who was working in a mix of sectors including hospitality, retail, promotions and modelling, felt she wanted to explore a career in business so enrolled to study a New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) at Box Hill Institute.

The NEIS course provided Lauren with the skills to develop a business plan and access to a mentor to hone her knowledge, and build on her experience.

Achieving success with Spiral PR, Lauren took on a business partner and together they worked with clients in the beauty, swimwear fashion, recruitment and music industry. Spiral PR sparked interest from several TV networks, radio stations and newspapers, generating excellent publicity which highlighted their commercial profile.

Making the change to a career teaching yoga, Lauren and husband Paul now run the Kozen Yoga Studio in Hawthorn. Her training at the Australian Yoga Academy has enabled Lauren to reach her goal of teaching yoga which she feels is not only a statement of personal empowerment but the potential to be in control of your own life through developing strength, flexibility and determination in mind and body.

The yoga training teamed with the business acumen she learnt at Box Hill Institute paved the way for Lauren to run her successful yoga studio.