Margaret TrainorIn 2009, when the emphasis of the Diploma of Textile Arts became focused toward developing an art practice using textiles as a medium, Margaret Trainor became interested and enrolled.

Her artistic background as an Interior Designer, and also in the fashion industry, has been counter balanced in extensive involvement in human rights and social justice arenas. The course created a new platform from which she could bring together her two passions – creativity and advocacy.

Throughout the past 3 years of the course; she has challenged the boundaries of textile art, drawing heavily upon sculpture and mixed media practices. She said: “I continually explore form and techniques to find the appropriate language and medium with which to express complex and sometimes confronting social commentary.”

In her “Bidonville” series, for her graduate exhibition, Margaret pioneered subtle new uses of disperse dyes, leading to a sponsorship from local manufacturer KraftKolour. In 2012 she has been accepted for a mentorship program in the UK and will be teaching with KraftKolour on her return. During 2010 she co-founded “Collective Notions” with twelve other emerging textile artists from Box Hill Institute. Since then she has applied for a 2012 Arts Council Grant through which she will establish her practice in 2D and 3D assemblages and textile sculpture.

Visit Collective Notions website.