Diploma of Textiles, Clothing and Footwear – Fashion Design (2002)

Business Owner

Professional dancer, dance teacher and costume designer Sriani Argeat has combined her two loves – dance and fashion design, to great effect, as a dance teacher and designer of costumes for TV’s “Dancing With The Stars”. It’s a mark of her achievements in both fields, and the hard work and commitment she has channelled into her successful business “Sriani Total Dance”.

Dancing has been Sriani’s passion since her junior years, when she was three times Australian finalist with her dancing partner Craig Monley, and on into a highly successful career in international competition, culminating in two semi final appearances at the British Open World Championships.
It’s an impressive record, but alongside all the hours of training, Sriani has maintained her design skills, which all started from a two year Diploma of Clothing Industries at Box Hill Institute. Combining her two pursuits, as a way of saving money, Sriani began to make her own dancing costumes with the practical skills she acquired during the course.

“I had a very good experience at Box Hill institute. The teachers took a lot of interest in the students. They were very friendly and easy to approach, and really up to date with the fashion industry trends.”

After a couple of year’s experience in the UK, she worked in the costume making industry here and put together her dream, starting a new business targeting the niche market of costume making, including bridal wear. Initially she worked from home, but the success of the business led to the opening of Sriani Total Dance in Mitcham, where she now divides her time between running the business, taking dance classes and preparing for competition.

It’s a busy life, but there are still dreams to be followed – Sriani aspires one day to get into ballet dancing not only as a choreographer but in stage and costume production. Right now she is a model of self-made success and motivation, but Sriani still acknowledges the part education played in her path to success. She is still in contact with some of her fashion teachers at Box Hill institute and has taken on board a few fashion students on work placement. She has even employed one such student full time in her business – doing her part to carry on a tradition of excellence.