Tuyen Hoang

Certificate III in Floristry (2005)


Tuyen Hoang is one of Box Hill Institute’s many successful floristry alumni. Originally hailing from Vietnam, her family moved to Australia when she was very young, and she has since made the most of the educational opportunities which her new home provided.

After finishing her secondary education, Tuyen attended a few universities and studied a variety of subjects, none of which she really enjoyed. Feeling unfulfilled, and in need of direction, she turned to a friend who owned a floristry shop for help. The friend offered her some work in the shop, and Tuyen has never looked back.

She has always had a passion for creativity and a fondness for the arts, but never contemplated a career in a creative field. However, after working for her friend for a few months, Tuyen discovered a hidden talent for flower arranging, and found that floristry was an ideal outlet for her considerable creativity.

“I really enjoy the communication aspect to flower arranging. I feel like I can express myself easily with it, which for me is its main attraction,” she said.

After working at her friend’s shop for a while, Tuyen decided to apply for the Certificate II and III in Floristry at Box Hill Institute, where she could further cultivate her creativity while developing some solid business skills.

Success in her new field of study was swift, and, while undertaking her certificate III course at the institute, she received first prize in the Advanced Student Wedding Bouquet category of the 2005 Melbourne Flower show.

Upon completing her studies, Tuyen obtained a floristry job through a Box Hill Institute teacher, and has now set up her own business, Floral Inspiration. Receiving the bulk of her orders via her website, Tuyen already has a sizeable client base. Wedding related orders keep her especially busy, and she has also acquired a number of corporate clients.

In the future, Tuyen hopes to travel overseas to develop her craft, and she has dreams of working in Holland, aka “flower central”.

Thanks to a combination of talent, drive and education, Tuyen’s career will surely continue to bloom.