Check out the Frequently Asked questions about Application & Enrolments.

We have outlined the application and enrolment process to make it as simple as possible.

Application process for:

For a February course commencement:

  • Timely applications through VTAC close in September.
  • Late applications – which attract a higher VTAC application fee close in November/December.

Visit VTAC website for more information.

During specified periods you will be able to add, remove or re-order your course preferences in your course application.

If you are a current Year 12 student, change of preference can be a safety net to ensure that you have made realistic decisions based on your results.

You may also want to change your preferences if you have changed your mind about which course you most want to study, if a new course has become available and you would like to add it to your preference list, or if a course you had applied for has been cancelled and you want to replace it in your preference list.

Visit VTAC website for more information.

Closing dates for courses commencing in February is generally November of the previous year however if there are still places available in the course you may be able to enrol right up until the beginning of the course.

Mid year course applications can be accepted right up until the date the course starts.

Contact us or call 1300 BOX HILL for more information.

Prerequisites vary depending on the course.  The Degree and Associate Degree courses require satisfactory completion of specific VCE subjects, depending on the course. Some courses require you to be employed and others may require you to attend an interview or present a folio of work.

More information is available here.

You may be fully exempt from undertaking studies in a unit on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competency (RCC).

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have prior learning in the same unit at another educational institution.

If you believe that you are entitled to exemptions or credit transfers, please contact your course coordinator for further information. Please note this process may incur a fee.

If you receive a Centrelink benefit, you must notify Centrelink if the exemptions or credit transfers reduce your student workload in any way.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a form of assessment that recognises skills and knowledge gained through:

  • formal training conducted by industry or education
  • work experience
  • life experience

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes rather than how, when or where the learning occurred. It gives you credit for skills and knowledge acquired at work and at home, or through clubs, hobbies and other activities.

More information on RPL

When you complete any of our qualifications, you’re preparing yourself not only for employment, but also for further study when the time is right.

Depending on the course/s you have completed, you may be eligible to enrol in an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Box Hill Institute or another tertiary institute.

More information on pathway to university

Once you have been accepted into a course, you may decide not to take that place up until the following year – this is called deferment. Your place in the course will be held for one year. Some courses allow deferment while others do not.

Contact Student Administration office for more details.

Some courses allow up to six months leave of absence.  You must have been at the Institute for at least one full semester.

To officially request a leave of absence from the course in which you are enrolled, complete a Leave of Absence Form and submit it to the Head of Centre for your course.

The Head of Centre will then forward the completed form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. The Registrar will notify you of the outcome of your application in writing.

Download your form

To add units or subjects to your existing enrolment, complete an Additional Unit Enrolment form with your course coordinator or the relevant administrative staff in your teaching centre. Please note that if you enrol in more units or subjects, you may need to pay more fees.

Take your Additional Unit Enrolment form to Student Administration for processing.

Please ensure that the teaching centre staff or the course coordinator has authorised and completed the relevant section of the form, as Student Administration will not be able to process your form without authorisation.

Download your form

Course duration differs from course to course. Generally:

Certificate I

1 semester full time

Certificate II

1 semester full time

Certificate III

1 semester full time (except apprenticeships)

Certificate IV

1 year full time


2 years full time

Advanced Diploma

3 years full time

Associate Degree

2 years full time


3 years full time

Please go to the course of your choice for the exact duration. 

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You can request an enrolment confirmation at no charge from Student Administration. This will verify your current or past enrolment status, that is, full time or part time.

You will need photo ID to collect it in person.

You can request an enrolment confirmation at no charge from Student Administration. This will verify your current or past enrolment status, that is, full time or part time.

You will need photo ID to collect it in person.

You can obtain copies of past receipts from Student Administration at no charge. You will need your student ID card or photo identification.