Check out the Frequently Asked questions about studying at Box Hill Institute.

There’s a lot to take on board at the start of the academic year – timetables, new people and a lot of housekeeping information. The skills you’ve used in managing your work, family and day-to-day life will be invaluable.

If you feel it’s all getting on top of you, you can see a Student Support Worker and develop some strategies, study plans or just get some reassurance. You’ll meet the Student Support Worker for your course and other Student Life staff during your first week of study.

Find out more about our Student Support Services.

All the student computers at BHI, Lilydale and CAE have a program called Text Help installed. You can listen to any document or web page on the computer. Any student can use the program. This should help a lot.

Some fees will actually be cheaper this year and there is a concession for people with a health care card. There are also payment options that allow you to pay off the fees as you study. Higher level courses are more expensive but you can defer the cost of these courses until you are working.

Make a time to meet our Disability Liaison Service before your course starts. Call (03) 9286 9891 and arrange a time to meet one of the staff and discuss your situation. They are there to help you.

Personal counselling is available at no cost to help you deal with the hard times. You can arrange a confidential appointment by calling (03) 9286 9891.

Yes, if you meet the course entry requirements such as auditions or presenting a folio. Few courses have a pre-requisite. You may get some credit for VET subjects you completed as part of VCAL.

Start your course search to find out your course entry requirements.

The Welfare Officer at Student Life has a list of local accommodation that owners want to rent to students. Ring (03) 9286 9891 to discuss this with them.

BHI has arrangements with some universities that allow our students to get a degree with credit once they complete a BHI course; these are called study pathways

For details, see our website You can contact the careers counsellor to talk about your plans by phoning Student Life (03) 9286 9891.  

A number of our courses offer overseas study tours and other opportunities. Find out more about Study Abroad opportunities at Box Hill Institute.

No, it’s not too late!  If you know what course you want to study, you should attend one of our Mid Year information sessions. If you don’t know what course to choose and want further information on  career and training options, contact the Skills and Jobs Centre.

To help you make the right choice, the Skills and Jobs Centre can provide up to date information on careers, training and employment.

Yes we can. The Skills and Jobs Centre can assist you with a range of job search skills and may be able to link you with local employment opportunities that come directly to us.

The Skills and Job Centre can provide you with all the information and assistance you require to get you started in an apprenticeship.