A certificate is an official award that is issued when you have completed all the requirements for a particular qualification.  A certificate does not list your results.

You may apply for a replacement award or certificate by completing a Replacement Award Certificate form and sending it with a fee of $80 to:

Student Administration, Box Hill Institute
Private Bag 2014, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia

Alternatively, you can request a Statement of Completion which is official letter written on Institute letterhead, it does not list your results.  The cost of a statement of completion is dependent on the turnaround time you require – please see the form for current rates. You may apply for a statement of completion by submitting Request for Completion Statement form.

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Apprenticeship Replacement Qualification

Completions from 2000 onwards

Final apprenticeship completions for students who completed from 2000 onwards are issued by VETASSESS.  They can be contacted on (03) 9655 4801. Application form is also downloadable from: VetAssess. Separate charges will apply. Completed form and fee must be returned to directly to VETASSESS.

Completions prior to 2000

Final apprenticeship completions for students who completed prior to 2000 are issued by the Skills Victoria Apprentice Administration Branch (AAB).  They must be contacted on 1300 722 603 between 10.00am-4.30pm Mon-Fri to obtain the application form to then apply. Separate charges will apply. Students should have their Apprenticeship Registration number ready to quote when calling where possible. Completed form and fee must be returned directly to Skills Victoria Apprenticeship Administration Branch.


Held Results

If you have outstanding fees or fines at any point in the year, your academic results may be held until the outstanding amounts have been paid. You will also be unable to receive a certificate of completion or graduate until all outstanding fees and fines are settled.