As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you will have a Koori Liaison Officer who will available to assist you throughout your studies.


What is a Koori Liaison Officer?

The Koori Liaison Officer is an Indigenous person who is employed to assist Box Hill Institute to develop and identify support needs and issues that Indigenous students may face throughout the course of their studies. The Koori Liaison Officer can assist you with course information, pathways into employment or further education, liaison with staff, Abstudy/Centrelink questions, tutoring or just to catch up and have a chat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. To make an appointment please call 9286 9891.


What assistance can the Koori Liaison Officer give me?

The main goals of the Koori Liaison Officer are to assist the TAFE in understanding Indigenous student needs and to increase and support Indigenous participation through education, while ensuring that we deliver in a culturally sensitive environment that recognises the importance of support for Indigenous students.

If you are studying or interested in studying at Box Hill Institute, the Koori Liaison Officer can help you:

  • Find the right course for you
  • Get the most from your training
  • Build a path from training to employment
  • Keep in touch with campus, community and cultural events
  • Organise free personal tutoring
  • Get in touch with learning support, counselling or welfare.
  • Individual Learning Pathways plans can be mapped out to help you achieve your goals. Advice is available about fees, grants and scholarships, and accommodation. Campus tours can be arranged for mature aged indigenous prospective students.

The Koori Liaison Officer personally writes to new students who identify as Indigenous and will help you get the most out of your time at Box Hill Institute. If you are having trouble with your study, work or any other issues that are making it hard for you to finish your course we are here to help. You can stay in touch by SMS, email or telephone


How can the Koori Liaison Officer assist me with Abstudy/Centrelink?

The Koori Liaison Officer can be a support in understanding the entitlements you can access through your education. There are officers in Abstudy and Centrelink that you can contact to find out what you are eligible to receive. If you are not sure of what questions to ask, the Koori Liaison Officer will support you by liaising with these departments.


What if I identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander but do not wish to have contact with the Koori Liaison Officer?

That’s fine. When you identify as an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander student you will receive information and letters from the Koori Liaison Officer. This is to provide you with the opportunity to find out what’s happening. Even though the Koori Liaison Officer is notified of Box Hill Institute students identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, it is completely up to you how much contact you have with the Koori Liaison Officer.


What other support is available for me?

The Koori Liaison Officer works in Student Life which also offers support services in: Counselling, Careers, Disability Support, Welfare and Activities.


How do I make contact?

You can call on 9286 9891 to arrange an appointment. Offices are open from 8.30am to 4.45pm, Monday to Friday. We are located on the Elgar Campus E3.G56, next to the cafeteria.