Study Abroad is about learning abroad, overseas or away from your own country; a student exchange; travelling to another country to continue with your training or education. Studying abroad is a great option if you have an adventurous spirit and an eagerness to learn, live and have fun!

Overseas study programs or exchanges are available to many Box Hill Institute students giving you the opportunity to travel while you study and add a unique experience to your social, personal and career development.

Box Hill Institute offers students the chance to study internationally along with travel scholarships through our global education program.  Travel destinations include Canada, USA, Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and many more.

“Have you thought about what it would be like to study and work overseas? A growing number of Box Hill Institute students are seizing this opportunity each year. With some careful planning and access to the support network we have available at Box Hill Institute, you could be joining this growing group participating in student exchanges across the world.

As part of the student exchange program Box Hill Institute and its sponsors provide a number of scholarships to assist with student exchange expenses. An extensive pre-departure orientation program is available prior to travel. General information sessions about exchange opportunities are held throughout the year for prospective students. Box Hill Institute also provides ongoing support for students for the duration of the exchange.

Studying overseas is a great educational and personal experience which prepares you professionally to become part of the world-wide global community. As global educators at Box Hill Institute, we are delighted to offer you a unique student exchange program rarely seen in Australian vocational training colleges.”

Sandra Walls
Executive Director
Dean, Teaching and Learning College

Recent studies have indicated that over 80% of employers believe that graduates who undertake an overseas experience return to Australia with enhanced skills that are applicable in the workplace. – Queensland Education and Training International (QETI) , IEAA 2006.

An overseas study program is an exciting way to add a unique edge to your qualifications. This experience can assist you to:

  • Prepare for the global employment market – give yourself a competitive edge in the employment market through your international experience.
  • Develop personally – learn and grow, embrace new cultures and challenge your beliefs.
  • Gain academically – access a diverse set of subject choices.
  • Learn another language and about another culture.
  • Travel and have fun – see the world, explore amazing places and make a worldwide network of friends from many different backgrounds.

Students who participate in these programs demonstrate initiative, drive, determination and persistence, goal setting, lateral thinking, planning capabilities, flexibility, courage and evaluation skills – all valuable in a career and eagerly sought by employers.

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