Did you know that you can study part of your Box Hill Institute qualification overseas?

The Global Education Network (GEN) is an organisation founded by Box Hill Institute and SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Canada in 2001. Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, USA, and ITE, Singapore, have also joined the GEN partnership to provide international experiences for their students. Through this network of vocational colleges similar to Box Hill Institute we are able to offer international travel and study opportunities to our enrolled students, which provide students with an international learning experience for employment in a global economy.

Box Hill Institute students can travel to the GEN partner colleges to live, study and explore a new international environment for up to six months. Box Hill Institute also hosts international students for up to six months under the Global Education Network agreement.


Network opportunities

GEN provides a variety of study abroad options, work and collaborative project opportunities for students, exposing them to the global market. GEN provides students with innovative international learning experiences to help them gain employment on any continent.

A key focus for partners is to provide opportunities for students based on merit, not economic background.

Member colleges work with employers to determine specific skill requirements. They design and deliver training to competent and productive people. The colleges work with industry so benefits flow to students and employers.

Box Hill Institute has a dedicated Study Abroad Office to assist students access opportunities. The office provides services including pre-departure programs and networking opportunities, as well as ongoing support throughout the program.



GEN recruits member colleges from around the world, providing students, faculty and academic partners access to each other and the network’s resources.

All member institutions are not-for-profit, publicly-funded colleges specialising in two-year associate degree or diploma programs. Each member college has a reputation for excellence in its home country.

Current membership of the Global Education Network:


Membership of the Global Education Network

GEN invites select organisations to join in linking students, faculty and employers as we set new standards in applied learning worldwide.