These sessions help you to prepare for your time overseas, and support you to complete your travel arrangements. It is compulsory for you to attend the pre-departure sessions arranged prior to your student exchange. For a group of students travelling together, the sessions are a great way to get to know people within the group. The sessions also offer an opportunity to develop cultural awareness and adjustment, negotiate course content, and consider health and safety issues.

Pre-departure orientation programs are available at Box Hill Institute to prepare you for your international travel experience. With short exchanges, the program consists of two or three sessions with any staff who will be travelling also attending. For longer exchanges like the Semester Abroad Program, pre-departure sessions are spread over the four to five months prior to travel. Semester Abroad exchange students may be required to attend up to six sessions as a group, and may request individual appointments if they prefer. The program times are negotiated with you, and it is compulsory that you attend each session.

Sessions cover a variety of useful information: information about the costs involved, visas, passports, your program, accommodation, banking and an outline of your responsibilities in relation to the exchange. We talk about how you get your scholarship from BHI, and how to find out more about working overseas when you are on an exchange. We can help you with lots of other questions too – what clothes do you wear to school, do I need to take my own doona and pillow, and how much luggage can I take?

It is a great opportunity to meet other students travelling to the same destination at the same time.

Each pre-departure program is customised to suit the level of travel experience within the group of participants. You can also request an individual appointment to discuss specific details at greater length.