Short Exchange  

​A short exchange is generally 2–3 weeks duration. It offers you a variety of experiences — cultural or tourism opportunities, exposure to international industry through pre-arranged excursions and tours, and an opportunity to spend time in a classroom at the host college to understand different international teaching and learning styles and sometimes different curriculum.

Short exchanges are fun, interesting and exhausting!  They are often the inspiration for further international travel planning and experiences for Box Hill Institute students. Read student testimonials.

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Semester Abroad  

A semester abroad exchange is available for up to six months duration. You would be enrolled in formal classes at a host college, and sometimes (pending visa arrangements) may choose to work abroad to supplement your savings.   You may receive credit for academic courses you complete on exchange, live the lifestyle of students in the host country, and make new friends and have the opportunity of forming lasting relationships. Read student testimonials.

The following study areas can take part in a semester exchange:

  • Building Design
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Cookery

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Study Tour 

A study tour is an intensive international study program which gives you the opportunity to fast track your study as well as gaining some international experience.  Programs are generally up to four weeks in duration and may allow you to gain credit in one or two subjects.  A study tour is generally designed to target one specific curriculum area.

Previous study tour destinations include China, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau, Scotland, Singapore, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.


Community Service Learning Projects  

A community service-learning project seeks to provide an experience which combines service with structured learning through the execution of a local community service project in local or overseas communities.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Enable the participants to apply their technical skills and knowledge to address real-life needs in the global community;
  • Provide a platform for all participants to enhance their service-learning experience through unfamiliar physical and social settings, thus forcing them to step out of their comfort zones;
  • Increase the participants’ awareness on social matters and ultimately improve their spirit of care for others; and
  • To provide a platform for our participants from different cultural backgrounds to work together as a team.

Previous Community Service destinations

  • Vietnam
  • Solomon Islands
  • Timor Leste

This can be any area of study depending on the needs of the project.  For the Solomon Islands project carpenters and plumbers where required, however other projects require general hands on skills and the willingness to assist in whatever way is required. Read student testimonials.


Global Learning Projects   

Students from four countries – Australia, Singapore, Canada and the United States – study together on a project based learning program.   Students will have an opportunity to work collaboratively in a team on a project with representatives from all visiting colleges. Read student testimonials.

The training may focus on project management, sustainability, customer service or a variety of other topics which will add value to your current enrolment and CV.

Students will have an opportunity to work collaboratively in a team on a project with representatives from all visiting colleges.  The Exchange is both a project management experience and a cultural experience.

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