To participate in the exchange program offered by Box Hill Institute, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • be enrolled as a student at Box Hill Institute at time of application and when participating in the exchange (preference will be given to full-time students)
  • be 18+ years old
  • be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • be progressing through training at the expected pace
  • have completed at least two semesters of study (for six-month exchanges only)
  • be able to assume responsibility for all aspects of your personal preparation for the student exchange and
    participate fully in orientation activities
  • be able to financially support yourself during the exchange period
  • have Box Hill Institute’s recommendation to participate in the exchange
  • have authorisation from the host college to participate in the exchange

Where curriculum/course matching has been completed by both home and host college, students need to liaise with the Study Abroad office at Box Hill Institute to make sure that authorisation for the exchange from Box Hill Institute and the host college is complete.

Where no curriculum or course matching has been completed with a host college, you will need to contact our office to talk about eligibility, assistance and support available from Box Hill Institute.