“Cooking is one of my greatest joys in this life. Being a cook is a vocation rather than a career; I never would have thought that I would be able to do what I love whilst volunteering and doing some good, especially in the land of my birth. I would like to give gratitude to the Wesley Stonehouse family for giving me these opportunities to not only grow as a cook but also as an individual. It is heart-warming to know that through this scholarship, Wesley’s legacy and way of life is honoured.”

Duc – Commercial Cookery

“For students applying for this internship next year or are considering applying, please do . It is so eye opening, so rewarding and so memorable. It was the best choice I’ve made for a very long time.”

Gabrielle – Commercial Cookery


“To have a certificate that states I took this program overseas with fellow students from around the world is a highlight! Just putting it on my resume is a super plus.”
Global Learning Project Management Program Singapore

Exchange Program to Kirkwood Community College, USA

“The most valuable part of this exchange for me is how I’ve managed to step out of my comfort zone to converse and mingle in a society that I would otherwise not have been able to be a part of. I’ve managed to share valuable information with amazing people such as the lecturers in the college.

My visit was unforgettable and I will forever be in debt to our Global Education Network hosts and my many new friends. Thank you.

Learning accounting and seeing the differences between the USA and Australia will help me in my future career as I now have that global knowledge.”



“Do it! It’s a fantastic experience that is very fulfilling. Highly recommended.”

“All of the students that were in my class made we feel very welcomed. Seeing all of the different sites of Singapore was fantastic.”

“I have learnt some new techniques to share with my class back home, how to work with people from other cultures, how the floral industry works in another country.”
Floristry Student

EXCHANGE TO Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Canada

“Everything was organized so well that it felt like you always knew what was going on. There was always a point of call if you had any queries and everyone was so welcoming and accommodating to us. My program allowed for independence and gave us the opportunity to work closely with student athletes which is something we wouldn’t get to do in Australia.

My experience at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I cannot wait to revisit this amazing city and reconnect with all the lifelong friends I made. Thank you GEN Exchange Program!!”


Commerce Study Tour to New York

“This study tour gave me a better understanding of American society in general; how the politics have an impact on commerce; income disparity and lack of opportunity for ethnic minorities in USA; how differently Americans do things compared to us in Australia; how large the NYC economy is and its impact and influence in the greater American economy; the population density of the NYC and its enormous pressure on public infrastructure; insight into human history and natural history with visits to museums.

Thanks a lot for all the work you did for us!!”

Exchange Program to Institute of Technology, Singapore

“The most eye-opening thing for me was to see how the education system worksand witness the different standards and procedures. That was a unique experience. Also how the hairdressing training system operates and the differences between the term apprentice in Singapore and apprentices in the rest of the world, including the method or pathway that students come to ITE for study.”

Community Services Learning Project to Cambodia

The best part for me was a bunch of strangers getting together to complete a program. We start the trip off with no knowledge about one another and as the trip went on, we discussed religion, diversity, the climate in their home town and many more topics. It made me more confident talking to people, listening and learning. I will appreciate this forever.”

Global Project Management, USA

Personally, I can attest to the Project Management Project in Iowa as being one of my life’s greatest experiences (academically and otherwise). Thanks for all your work in putting the trip together.”



“It was very informative and useful for future reference in the animal industry. it helped me decide that vet nursing was really what i wanted to.”
Companion Animal Student
“There was a really good balance between the time spent at industry tours, at the BVNA congress, free time.”
Veterinary Nursing Student