Customised Specialist Training

“We would highly recommend Ian Turnbull and his team at Box Hill Institute as a trusted partner to work with. The professionalism, dedication and commitment shown during and after training have been truly outstanding. Most importantly, the sustained growth of people in the company has been recognised.”

Gary Sobel, Assistant Training Manager, Adidas Salomon

“Ian guided me and a group of 10 colleagues through an amazingly enriching experience over a course of four one-week modules. Each session built on the previous, giving us both practical tools and a safe environment in which to develop them.”

Norbert Teston, Head of Quality Assurance – Footwear, Adidas Salomon

Project  Management Development Training for Adidas Salomon Footwear Asia Manufacturing
Client  Adidas Salomon International Sourcing Ltd
Country  China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Duration  1999 – 2006 (4 person months per annum over 7 years)

Project Description

  • An International Management Development Program designed for Adidas’ major manufacturing sites in Asia: Indonesia, China (3 locations), South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam
  • to work with Adidas Salomon International Sourcing Ltd to increase corporate-wide productivity and competitiveness through the development of Middle and Senior Management and Country Manager levels within Asia
  • design, deliver and evaluate both generic, company specific and individual specific capacity building for the management levels mentioned.


BHI’s role

  • BHI was one of only three capacity building providers from around the world working with Adidas Salomon International Sourcing Ltd from 1999 to 2006
  • the Management Development Program commenced with a BHI consultant analysing the company’s needs, developing an agreed project specification and required training solutions. This was followed by an investigation of current operating methods, aligning these with job specifications and analysis of company specific needs for management requirements
  • training and development involved personality testing of over 80 participants in Indonesia to assess their current modus operandi and how they aligned to their job specifications, program design and delivery with a key feature being ongoing mentoring during and post program delivery. This program was implemented over a number of key company operating sites throughout Asia involving the development of in excess of 350 management personnel across three levels
  • developed specific training solutions in line with company strategic business objectives. Customisation for best outcome included action based learning projects, mentoring during and after training, specific mentoring of in-house trainers and follow up consultation as required
  • a framework for a one-on-one mentoring capacity building program for Managing Director level personnel was developed to meet the specific needs of the company and its established strategic planning defined business objectives. This included Country Managers each of whom are responsible for between USD$500 million to USD$1 billion per annum of product
  • the program also involved mentoring of Adidas in house trainers to ensure ongoing sustainability of the change management project. Each participant was required to research, prepare and present a value adding action learning project aligned with corporate business objectives
  • a series of specialised capacity building programs were researched; developed and implemented across nine locations in seven countries. These specialised programs included cross-cultural negotiation; cross-cultural business customs and norms; project management; organisational communication and assertiveness skills.

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