Cisco Systems is arguably the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

The Cisco Systems Networking Academy program began in the US and is now the largest e-learning program in the world. The program helps to develop the resources where industry demand for skilled IT professionals with critical networking knowledge is particularly acute.


Partnership overview

Box Hill Institute’s partnership with Cisco began in 1998. Box Hill Institute is proud to be the only Super Cisco Academy Training Centre (Super-CATC) in the Asia Pacific area.

As the Super-CATC, Box Hill Institute is responsible for quality assurance for Cisco Academies throughout the Asia Pacific region. The Institute also provides training in inter-networking technology for the public and Cisco Academy instructors, through the Cisco Systems Networking Academy Program.

Box Hill Institute handles the ‘training the trainers’ programs for Australia, New Zealand and the whole Asia-Pacific region.


Student benefits

All Cisco programs offered by Box Hill Institute are subject to the Cisco Academy Quality Assurance Program which ensures that Box Hill Institute resources and trainers are of the highest standard.

The partnership prepares students for the industry standard certifications Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) as well as a number of other industry accreditations from CompTIA, Sun Systems and others. The program combines lectures, online learning and practical skills that apply the classroom learning to actual networks.

Students also benefit from an alumni association that can help in securing employment.


Staff benefits

Box Hill Institute staff benefit from ongoing training in current curriculum and delivery techniques. Cisco also provides seminars and conferences for both the technology and the teaching and learning aspects of the overall program.