In Country Consulting

Project  Consultancy, teacher training and capability building
Client  National Ministry of Education, Colombia and numerous Colombian technical and technological education providers
Country  Colombia
Duration  2007 – current

Project Description

  • The Colombian Government has invested $US35 million in a major, 3 year, technical education reform project, designed to build a more industry driven system which provides enhanced access for students.
  • This project has adopted a ‘bottom up’ approach through the establishment of 32 ‘Alliances’ charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing new competency based integrated courses which reflect international best practice and articulate students from high school through technical education and into universities. Alliances comprise universities, technical education institutes, high schools and industry organisations.
  • As a key part of this project, BHI has provide a range of consultancy and training services for the Ministry of Education and educational organisations.


BHI’s role

  • BHI has provided a wide range of accredited and short education and training courses, including the Certificate IV and Diploma of Training and Assessment, to over 200 participants.
  • Courses are typically delivered in the Spanish language and carefully customised for local needs.
  • In 2009 BHI completed a major evaluation of the reform project through consultations with five Alliances covering petrochemicals and plastics, tourism, agro-industry, food processing and information technology, across Colombia. The evaluation has made a range of system level recommendations to the Ministry.
  • BHI staff have annually been invited to make presentations and conduct workshops at national technical education conferences.
  • The next stage of the partnership will see BHI continue to support this exciting and successful initiative through the conduct of a range of new projects.

For more information on this project, please email Rhys Williams or phone Rhys on +613 9286 9997.