SDJUFirst established in 1953, SDJU is an institution for the development of technological skills at a high level of proficiency. It evolved from the former Shanghai Electrical Machinery School into an institution with a nationwide reputation.


Year became an Extended Campus 2001
Location Minhang, Shanghai, China
Contact for further information

Mr Timothy Wallis
Manager – Transnational Education, Transnational Delivery
Phone:  +61 3 9286 9577

SDJU was Box Hill Institutes first Chinese extended campus.

SDJU is a public university of applied technology with core specialties focusing mainly on engineering and coordinated development of other specialties such as science, arts, economics and administration.

There are 10 main departments and two training centres.  They currently offer 28 degree specialties.  The current staffing levels are over 900 staff with approximately 600 being teachers and/or professors.  There are over 12,000 full-time students undertaking degrees or diplomas.

Graduates are highly regarded and employment or internships are readily available, with the University maintaining a success rate of approximately 95%, placing them amongst the top universities.

For more information visit the SDJU website.